Filtered water bottles set new standards in Fundraising

Be Prepared for any Disaster, Replace that all too costly bottled water habit with this healthy, green alternative!

Here are some of the benefits of offering our Water Bottle Fundraising program

1)    Disaster Preparedness….always important … can create a campaign anytime around earthquakes, fires, home/auto safety etc.

2)    If you only look at filter water products it saves you major $$ over purchasing bottled water in normal circumstances  (1 bottle replaces over 800 ½ liter plastic water bottles).

3)    And these products really saves you $$ when you compare it to the other “marked up” and/or “don’t wanter” normal fundraising products.  When you use your filter water bottle in place of bottled water as your fundraiser you get value in many ways.

4)   You get to actually capitalize on the “green” movement……save our landfills from all the empty ½ litre plastic bottles…….do good in yet another way by supporting our fundraising efforts.

5)    Our system is quick, easy, and can be done concurrently with other fundraisers you may currently have planned or are in progress.  Our experience has shown that only 2-3 weeks is needed for your non profit to make many $100’s or even $1000’s of $$ to further benefit your cause.

6)    And we have follow-up future fundraisers in place utilizing the same product line and other “related” items so you can continue from this one time effort over and over again providing not just the needed income today but you will actually be able to plan or “schedule” in advance knowing a proven system is there to support your effort(s)….……what a concept!We provide “everything” necessary for your NP’s success including:

1)    A “turnkey” fundraising system to insure your success
2)    Ready made flyers/info marketing pieces all in pdf format that everyone in your NP can download without restriction/cost which are all customized to reflect and support your NP mission
3)    We are available to you and have the experience to guide you on the path
4)    You are provided your own website at to help you promote this opportunity to all your constituents without cost.
5)    Our system doesn’t require your NP to front any $$ (other than whoever wants to buy a sample(s) at a reduced cost).  We utilize a “coupon redemption system” that once you have collected with the $$ we then arrange to deliver the product free of additional charge all at once to your school, church, or….. and it is then distributed to all that have redeemed the coupons with you.

After you hear first hand just how much this can benefit your NP, without the time, expense, hype and effort as usual/traditional fundraisers…..we are confident that you will integrate our proven products/fundraising system to insure you raise the $$ you need for your worthy cause.  You just need to ask for our help…….your successful fundraiser is our most important goal……we want your future business and your testimonial!

This really works and can be done over and over again with similar products….contact us today at